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Data Science for industry

We develop and implement predictive models based on the most modern machine learning techniques. We advise on and deliver software solutions for data collection, data integration, data analysis, and modelling.

Data Science for academia

We analyse data with statistical methods as well as machine learning tools. We collaborate in scientific projects from the early stages of the study design up to writing scientific publications. Our network of collaborators includes numerous leading experts both from the private industry and academia.

upskilling courses

We develop tailored upskilling courses for Universities and private companies. Our members lecture at several top-ranked universities such ETHZ and the University of Oxford. We also offer software courses (e.g. Advanced R) as well as methodological courses (e.g. an introduction to deep learning).


Dr. matteo tanadini

Matteo studied statistics at ETH Zurich, where he also worked for two years as a statistical consultant, and holds a DPhil in Applied Biological Statistics from the University of Oxford (UK).

Matteo's work focuses on statistical modelling and model validation. His field of expertise includes modern parametric models and the statistical software R.

Matteo is currently lecturer at several universities (see here for a complete list of past and present courses).

DR. Claude Renaux

Senior Data Scientist
Claude was part of the statistical consulting team at the Seminary for Statistics at ETH Zurich after studying Mathematics.

He obtained a PhD in Statistics (2021) from ETH Zurich.

Claude is an expert in machine learning, classical statistical modelling, and high-dimensional statistics, as well as parallel computing in R and writing packages for the statistical software R.

klaus steigmiller

Klaus first studied Mathematics at ETH Zurich (BSc) and Biostatistics at the University of Zurich (MSc).

He was part of the Research Methods Consulting Group at the Department of Biostatistics (EBPI) at the University of Zurich for several years.

His main areas of expertise are study design, classical statistical analysis methods, and statistical programming using R.


Luisa was awarded a PhD in Biostatistics from the University of Zurich in 2022.
Previously, she obtained an MSc in Mathematics from ETH Zurich.

Her expertise area is generalised regression models with a focus on transformation models and their application to the multivariate setting.

Luisa is co-author of several R packages and is active in the R community as co-founder of the R-Ladies chapter in Zürich.

nisia trisconi

Data Scientist
Nisia is studying at the University of Neuchâtel.

She obtained a BSc in Mathematics in 2021, and is now continuing her studies with a MSc in mathematics with a minor in statistics.

Nisia is currently implementing a shiny app, which allows people to manipulate and understand data without having any knowledge of R software.

She is also developing an algorithm that automates writing the necessary codes for each report, which would otherwise have to be typed each time.

Prof. Dr. Fabio Sigrist

Academic partner
Fabio Sigrist is Professor of Applied Statistics and Data Science at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Lecturer in Statistics at ETH Zurich. He obtained an MSc in Mathematics and a PhD in Statistics (2013) from ETH Zurich. After completing his PhD, he has worked as risk management consultant in the financial industry.

Fabio has lead and conducted many data science and analytics projects with various companies and research institutions, and collaborates closely with numerous academic and industrial partners both on theoretical and applied projects.

Dr. alberto PAGANINI

Academic partner
Alberto studied Mathematics at ETH Zurich, where he was awarded a PhD in 2016.He then worked as Departmental Lecturer in Numerical Analysis at the University of Oxford (UK) until 2019, when he became Lecturer (British equivalent of Assistant Professor) in Applied Mathematics at the University of Leicester (UK).

Alberto is an expert in numerical simulations and optimization, and collaborates closely with numerous academic and industrial partners both on theoretical and applied projects.

Dr. Bernd Fellinghauer

Diploma in Statistics - University of Munich
PhD in Statistics - ETH Zurich.
  • Data science consultant since 2012
  • Certified project manager
  • Development and operation of data pipelines
  • Development and operation of BI reports
  • Development and operation of   analytical models

Karin lancetti

Karin graduated from the Scuola Superiore Alberghiera e del Turismo in Bellinzona in 2008.

Since then she has worked in several large companies in the tourism sector as Marketing Assistant and as Front and Back Office Manager.

This has given her a wealth of knowledge in administration, as well as excellent people,
communication and problem solving skills. She is fluent in five languages: German, Italian, English, French
and Spanish.

Karin is in charge of administration at ZDS.