We’ve gathered a list of the most frequently asked questions.

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Data (Security)

Data protection and confidentiality is a core element at ZDS. All at ZDS are regularly trained in handling highly sensitive data to ensure the safety, integrity and privacy of your data. We have long-standing experience with, inter alia, medical, personal or industrial data.

All the data entrusted to us are exclusively stored and processed in Switzerland. The data are stored on encrypted storages with physical security control. For receiving or sending data, we offer encrypted communication. To restrict data access internally to only those people related to your project, we implemented Discretionary Access Control (DAC).

Yes, we can come to your place for our work if this would suit your requests better.

We safely remove your data from all our systems on your request at all times. If another follow-up project is likely in the future, we can also keep your data safe in the meantime.

You will stay the owner of all your data entrusted to us. Your data will not be used for any other purpose or sent to a third party without your explicit permission.

This is totally up to you, we accept every file format you might have your data in.

No, generally we can adapt our statistical modeling to the data at hand. Whether the number of data points is indeed too low for any relevant output can be discussed in your specific case.

We work on an established IT-system with implemented technical and organizational measures to warrant long-term confidentiality, integrity, and safety of all data we handle. We are data-driven in every aspect of our company. We created our time recording system, our invoicing system, and so on and also offer consultation about such systems/process automation.

ZDS (Way of Working)

Just drop us an email or reserve a non-binding and free of charge first online chat with us and we can elaborate on your specific situation. Through our long-term experience in the field we have seen many different projects in a variety of industries and research fields. This helps us to quickly understand and assess your request.

Yes, definitely.

No, we leverage on the useful part that is already existing and try to improve the insights, also with guidance for future projects. Making big changes to existing projects is often not an efficient way to work. A lot of projects we work on are good, but a fresh and objective view can often lead to large improvements in relatively simple ways. As such, we greatly improve the quality of our output.

Just reach out to us and we can elaborate on your specific setting and make you a non-binding offer.

ZDS has an office in Zurich, Switzerland. We offer consultations online or on-site at your place anywhere in Switzerland.

Yes, people (team members and clients) are most important for us. For many tasks, we work with the “four-eyes principle,” that is always at least two people check the work. This greatly improves the quality of the gained insights.

Yes, teaching is the best way to train your communication skills, which are extremely important in data science. However, we will introduce you to it, and you don’t need to be an academic lecturer already (although some experience in that area is obviously a plus).

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